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Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania rising to 4,566m (14,980ft). Like Mt Kilimanjaro it is a free standing mountain (not part of a mountain range) and is classified as a dormant volcano which last erupted in 1910. This mountain gets far fewer trekkers than Mt Kilimanjaro but it is a wonderful trek. The mountain is located inside of Arusha National Park, just a one hour drive from Moshi. There is only one route on the mountain and overnights are in basic dormitory mountain huts with solar lighting. At the lower elevations,there is a good chance of encountering wildlife, so an armed park ranger is required to accompany all trekkers. Depending on the the number of rangers and the number of groups trekking, the park reserves the right to combine groups to trek with one ranger. The tour companies have no say in this decision but be advised that even if you sign up for a private trek, you might have others trekking alongside of you. Each group will still have their own guide and climb staff taking care of just thier specific clients.

Many people climbing Mt Meru use it as an acclimitazation trek before a Mt Kilimanjaro trek. Fewer poeple have altitude sicknness issues on Mt Meru partially due to its lesser height and partially due to it being a steeper climb, making trekking too quickly less likely.

Mt Meru is an excellent trek in its own right and is a very enjoyable experience

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