Other Safari Circuits

The Northern Safari Circuit of Tanzania has the most popular and famous safari destinations in Tanzania (and all of Africa). But that does not mean that the rest of the country is void of great game viewing. Of the remaining desitnations, the Eastern Safari Circuit gets the most visitors due to the destinations being close to Dar es Salaam, which is by far the largest city in Tanzania. The other circuits will give you a feel of being on your own, excepting Gombe which due to the fame of Dr. Jane Goodall and the nearly 100% chance of seeing chimpanzees gets more visitors. For the destinations listed below, they can be reached by flying by small plane or the Eastern Safari Circuit destinations can be reached by road from Dar es Salaam. We will be happy to give you ideas and work with you to create a wonderful experience.

Tanzania Safari Map

Uisso Tanzania Safari Map
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Eastern Tanzania Safaris

Uisso Adventures offers eastern Tanzanian safaris departing from Dar es Salaam or flying into airstips inside of the parks. The Eastern Safari Circuit does not have as many visitors compared to the Northern Circuit. It offers a different experience. Listed below are the national parks that comprise the Eastern Safari Circuit. You may notice that one of the most famous of the eastern destinations, Selous Game Reserve is not listed. This is because it has not been split in two. Nyerere National Park was created for safari game viewing, and the remainder of Selous Game Reserve is now for hunting safaris (which we have no interest in offering). We will be happy to work together with you in designing the ideal itinerary according to your desires.

Nyerere National Park


Saadani National Park


Mikumi National Park


Udzungwa Mountains National Park


Southern Tanzania Safaris

These destinations will have a feel of the safaris of old. Flying-in and out by small plane is the most practical way to experience these destinations. But you will be rewarded by a marvelous safari experience.

Ruaha National Park


Katavi National Park




Western Tanzania Safaris

A change in the landscape and the variety of animals. The open plains of the Serengeti give way to lush vegetation. Three of these destinations offer chimpanzee viewing opportunities - Gombe, Mahale Mountians, and Rubondo Island Ntional Parks. Flying-in and out by small plane is highly reccommended.



Mahale Mountains












Our Safari Vehicles

You will be spending several hours each day inside the vehicle, learn what to expect


Safari Vehicles

Uisso Adventures Safari VehicleUisso Adventures Safari Vehicle

Uisso Adventures uses only well maintained Toyota Landcruisers customized with pop-up safari viewing roof, charging ports for small electronics, and mini-fridge. Your driver is an English language speaking certified guide (other languages may be available upon request). We have both standard length vehicles which can accommodate 5 guests, each with a window seat and we have extended body vehicles which can accommodate 7 guests - all with window seats. All vehicles will have seat belts for all passengers and the driver has radio contact with the parks and our office in case of emergencies.

Safari Accommodations

Lodges, permanent tented camps, seasonal tented camps, basic camping ...


Safari Accommodation Types

There is a large variation in overnight accommodations while on safari. From simple sleeping tents to lodges and tented camps costing several thousand dollars a night. When considering your options, it is best to take into consideration how much time you will have at that location to enjoy the facilities. If you are arriving after dark already tired and are scheduled to depart again at 6am the next morning, the lodge swimming pool might not be worth the price. If you are wanting a luxury experience, we can plan an itinerary to let you enjoy the accommodations more. Many of them are in such prime wildlife areas, that you can get a certain amount of game viewing sitting in front of your room/tent.

Uisso Adventure Safari Camping Tent

For basic camping safaris, the tents are large enough for 2 sleeping bags (or camping cots) plus your gear. The guide and cook will set up the tent for you. The tents are high enough to stand up in the center, but there is no real room to walk around. You will need to bring a flashlight (torch) for lighting and some insect repellant. Toilet and wash facilites will be communal at the campsite.

There are reeally two different types of basic camping experiences. One is camping inside of the safari destinations. We are not allowed to just pitch a tent wherever you like. Only designated campsites can be used. There will be many other groups also camping in the same area. These campsites will have a caged in area for food storage and cooking. Expect just long-drop toilets and cold water showers. There is nothing keeping the animals out of the campsite but as long as you do not have food inside your tent, the animals will not bother you. There are safety precautions that must be heeded if going to the toilet after dark. For each campsite your guide will inform you of the procedure. It is not uncommon to hear animals during the night and occasionally you may see some during the day. There will be a cook and food brought along for your meals. The tents should be kept zipped up except for entering and exiting to keep insects and reptiles out. There will not be separate mosquito nettings, so enter and exit the tents quickly and keepthem zipped up. The quality of the meals will be a pleasent surprise. The cook can handle special meals upon reequest (made before the start of the safari). Some people have trouble sleeping if they hear lions mating or other animal noises, but it is a memorable experience well worth the experience. In addition to the park entry fee,the government charges $35/person per night for the use of the campsite. This is already incorporated into the price quote.

The other type of camping experience is the use of private campsites outside of the safari destinations. We may use these to either reduce your cost for the safari, or in instances where the logistics makes that location the best option. The majority of these are in the town of Mto wa Mbu or Karatu. These towns are located not far from Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Lake Manyara National Park. The gates to enter into Ngorongoro Conservation Area are closed from 6pm until 6am daily. So these campsites are often used after a Tarangire or Lake Manyara safari while in transit to the Serengeti or Ngorongoro. These campsites are walled in with the wildlife limited to an occsaional monkey. The facilites are much more comfortable, flushing toilets, hot water showers, food service, bar, and some have a swimming pool. It will feel like backyard camping. This type of camping experience may be what you would like if you need more comfort, have very young children, or are worried about animals at night. The Serengeti is too big to leave the park, so this option is limited to safaris in Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Arusha National Park, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Uisso Adventure Ngoorongoro Lodge Safari

Lodges are just as you would expect, basically a hotel experience. Self contained rooms with a common dining area and lounge area. Many have swimming pools. Meals at the mid-range lodges will usually be buffet style. Luxury lodges will usually have a menu and meals prepared as ordered. Luxury lodges will have options for espresso based drinks such as cappuccino. Many will have evening entertainment, usually cultural dancing and singing. There will be electricity (either solar or generator), internet (maybe not the fastest), some luxury lodges will offer spa services (extra cost), and some are all inclusive of drinks (premium brands at additional cost). Lodges are found both inside the safari destinations and just outside. The government charges a $71/person per night concession fee for staying at a lodge inside a safari destination. This fee will be already be included in your price quote.

Uisso Adventure Tented Camp Safari

Tented camps are a popular option. Expect room sized tents with full furnature, including bed frames with comfortalbe mattresses. They will be self contained with hot water showers. Many will have raised wood floors. Luxury tented camps may also have a soaking tub. There will be electricity. There will be a separate dining and lounge tent. Some have swimming pools. If needing to leave your room, there will be a system in place for you to be escorted safely to your destination since animals are free to roam the area. The government charges a concesson fee of either $59 or $71 night per person (depending on which park the tented camp is located). Again,thisprice is already included in your price quote.

Some tented camps in the Serengeti are temporary, moving seasonally to different locations according to the great migration. These typically are in the absolute best game viewing locations. But being seasonal, they don't have the same level of tent luxury but often the food is very good quality.

There are many, many options and you can combine accommodtion catagories in the same safari. In our itineraries we list certain accommodations that through our experience we feel confident of their quality. But we are not limited to those options and at request we can give you a price quote for any option that you desire.

Packing for Safari

What you need for a safe and comfortable safari...


Packing for Safari

During the safari you will be in a comfortable vehicle during the days. The temperatures can vary a fair amount from early morning to mid afternoon though. Dressing comfortably in light layers that can be easily added/removed is best. It is better to avoid wearing bright colors - especially black and bright blue, since this can attract unwanted insects such as tse tse flies. Avoid wearing purfume since it will attract isnects. Although the safari vehicle has a protective pop up roof you will want some sun protection (hat, sunblock, sunglasses) and insect repellant. At the campsites you will want a torch (flashlight). If your itinerary includes a walking safari you will want good shoes for moving through the bush and also long pants and long sleeves to avoid scrapes. During game drives, each vehicle will have binoculars but you may want to rent extras. The vehicles will have small electronic charging ports so bring any plugs/cables that you may want to use. Once at your night's accommodations, if you are choosing basic camping you will want a torch/headlamp, towel, soap, shampoo and shower slippers. Gladys Adventure includes sleeping bags for the safaris (but not for climbs) so one will not be needed. We will also provide tables and chairs for basic camping. For lodges and tented camps these are furnished already and there will be electricity either by generator or solar panels. The showers will be in your room/tent. If your safari includes a flight, keep in mind that small planes (12 - 22 passengers) with standard fare only allows 15kg luggage (including carry-on). Precision Air flights (flights from safari to Zanzibar) allow one 23kg bag. Overnights at Ngorongoro Conservation Area near the rim can be cold and windy - normally 5℃ colder than other campsites. Especially if basic camping you might want a jacket, light gloves and knit cap just in case.

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